As she lay by me, drowsy I struggled to keep an eye open, I was unwilling
to miss any chance to memorize her until I had her again.

One letter, her initial, could hypnotize the sun, could speed up my pulse.
That one alphabet still chains me down, unstrapped.

I resist seeing the rest of her this time I visit; she held embracing power to move me
wholly, and I would gamely walk up to my own death.

Inexplicit pride from being owned, all hers; to all the trampling and the flushed out
flavors and burns. Uncharacteristically fond of being enslaved.

As she lay by me, I wished to no longer remain untouched, her hands undress;
motionless to feel as bare on the outside as I felt within.

Running my finger through her tresses, untangled I gulped a mixed sensation
of warmth that sent ice all the way to my toes and out.

When her innate unfeminine voice sang my name, I could not unhear it;
and rather change it than have another use the same.

Thoughts clattered all through space, as the telephone ring broke this reserve
I forced shut to painful obscurity, to a night of endlessness.